Watch ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Take On ‘Stranger Things’


When the new Mystery Science Theater 3000 revival made its way to Netflix, there were questions galore – most of which were answered by the time it hit the air last Friday. But the best question of all is the one we didn’t think to ask: how long would it take them to start riffing Netflix Originals? Thankfully, we have the answer – not long.

Thus, here are Jonah and the ‘bots taking an altogether-too-brief crack at the streaming service’s runaway hit Stranger Things:

What’s sort of ingenious about this (again, way too short) clip is how Stranger Things’ ‘80s setting fits in so cleanly with typical Mystery Science Theater fare – after all, some of their funniest episodes were borne out of dirtbag ‘80s movies like Being From Another Planet, Master Ninja, The Pumaman, Hobgoblins, and Zombie Nightmare .

Now, how long till we get the Fuller House riff?