Listen: Perfume Genius Releases “Go Ahead,” the Second Track From His Upcoming Album


This afternoon, Perfume Genius (Mike Hadreas) held a Twitter Q&A, during which he shared a new track from his No Shape, his album arriving May 5. The song, titled “Go Ahead,” doesn’t have the explosive energy of the first release from the LP, “Slip Away” — but then, that track carried the weight of trumpeting the news of the new album, and showcasing a brighter sonic palette for Perfume Genius.

The more subdued “Go Ahead” traipses across the unsteady path set by woozy percussion and squirts (yeah, the word applies) of synth, while Hadreas’ voice, blithe and mischievous, interjects to tantalize, “Go ahead and try.”

Hadreas answered questions on Twitter via video — holding a small dog and answering questions both banal and unrelated —

— and some at least related to music, if not his own:

and some directly about the release (apparently “Go Ahead” is his favorite song from the album):

Speaking of which, listen to “Go Ahead”: