Kathy Bates is the Hippie-Haired Stoner We Always Knew She Could Be in the Teaser for Netflix’s ‘Disjointed’


As more and more states make moves to legalize weed, stoner events like 4/20 are no longer the sole domain of dreadlocked Caucasians and giggling 15-year-olds. Hence the first teaser trailer for the new weed-themed Netflix comedy series Disjointed, which the streaming service cheekily dropped yesterday, on the annual not-so-counterculture celebration of all things pot. (H/T Indiwire.)

Disjointed stars Kathy Bates as Ruth, a lifelong advocate for legalizing marijuana who finally realizes her dream when she opens a dispensary in L.A. called Ruth’s Alternative Caring. Ruth’s twentysomething son kindly joins in his mother’s business, as well as three “budtenders” and what Netflix describes as a “deeply troubled security guard.” The description continues, “All of them are more or less constantly high.” In the trailer, a cloud of smoke proceeds Ruth as she emerges from the dispensary, joint in hand.

Disjointed was created by Chuck Lorre and former Daily Show head writer David Javerbaum. Its abnormally-long-for-Netflix 20 episode first season lands on August 25. Watch the first trailer: