Occult-Inspired Nude Photography Set Against the Norwegian Landscape


Norway: home to black metal, Norse paganism, and photographer Daria Endresen. We first spotted the Oslo-based artist’s work on Vice, where she spoke to them about her inspiration for her nude photography, set against Norway’s stunning, primordial landscape. “I’ve always felt a strong connection and an incredible sense of belonging to this land,” she told Vice. “I think it’s vividly reflected in my visual universe. There is also a certain dark side to all the Nordic countries, I tend to explain it by severe climate, lack of light, remoteness and perhaps the general reserved nature of the people—I suppose all of these have influenced me as well.” Her artistic influences range from Hans Memling to Odd Nerdrum. There’s an element of occult symbolism and ritual in each of her works, like the runes she creates from tree branches. See more of Endresen’s occult-inspired photos in our gallery.