Maria Bamford Is Quite Literally All Over the Place in the Trailer for Her New Standup Special, ‘Old Baby’


In 2012, Maria Bamford released The Special Special Special, a standup, uh, special in which the multi-voiced comedian performed a set in her modest living room for an audience of two: her parents. So it’s not a complete surprise to see Bamford popping up in a variety of random locations in the trailer for her latest standup special, Old Baby.

“I’m not very good at chit-chat,” Bamford tells an al fresco audience at the top of the trailer. “I like a structured communication, à la standup. I like a hard out.” The trailer shows Bamford regaling audiences apparently all over Los Angeles: in the cramped aisle of a bookstore; in a living room, with spectators crowded onto and around a couch; in a bowling alley; even on a proper, blue-curtained stage. The whole time Bamford is accompanied by an odd, life-sized figurine of a pug. Why not! Maria Bamford can do whatever the fuck she wants.

Old Baby follows Bamford’s Netflix original series, Lady Dynamite, which premiered last year (it’s been renewed for a second season, but no word yet on that premiere date). An autobiographical comedy about Bamford’s journey through Hollywood while navigating her mental illness, Lady Dynamite was funny and clever. But when I watched it, I found myself craving Bamford’s weirder, more intimate standup routines. With Old Baby, it looks like that’s exactly what we’re getting. The new special lands on Netflix on May 2; watch the trailer: