Stevie Nicks to Appear on a Track on Lana Del Rey’s ‘Lust for Life’


The promotional video for Lana Del Rey’s upcoming album, Lust for Life, centered on three things: vintage sensibilities (surprise!), Los Angeles, and witchiness. These three things certainly have their share of overlap with Stevie Nicks, who Pitchfork reports will in fact be appearing on Lust. Aaaand…yeah, that’s the only information available about this collaboration at the moment. But, it’s a collaboration! Between Lana Del Rey! And Stevie Nicks! And it’s gonna be so collaborative, and maybe witchy! Etc! etc! etc!

Lust for Life‘s title track was already released, and boasted vocals from the Weeknd, and Sean Ono Lennon will also appear on the Del Rey’s fourth studio album, on a track called “Tomorrow Never Came.”

Del Rey has been courting a vintage-witchy sensibility for a while now, since she first added her voice to a national occult attempt at remove Trump from office via a spell (hey, some people hope for the downfall of this morbidly terrible presidency through Russia investigations, others hope it’ll happen with hexes.)

Somehow, after all that, Trump’s still in office. Hopefully the Nicks collaboration will be more effective.

Lust for Life doesn’t yet have an official release date.