Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Tony Hale Redo an Old ‘Veep’ Scene with Their Roles Swapped


HBO’s promotional web series Flip the Script most recently flipped said script on Veep’s Gary and Selina — as in, Julia Louis-Dreyfus became the obsequious Gary Walsh, and Tony Hale became the unprincipled (now, ex) politician Selina Meyer. The two redid a scene (unfortunately without going full-out and switching costumes) from the series’ fourth season (it’s currently in its sixth.)

In the scene, Selina, as usual, uses Gary, the one person with whom she doesn’t have to talk policy, as a sounding board for her personal/sexual desires and neuroses. The best part of the clip is just seeing the natural comic chemistry between Louis-Dreyfus and Hale, even between scenes — for the clip itself also reveals that they should probably continue playing their current, real roles. Here, neither quite manages to strike the hilarious status dichotomy between Gary and Selina achieved when Louis-Dreyfus is Selina-ing and Hale is Gary-ing.