Joyful Miniature Summer Scenes on Paper


South African artist Kirsten Beets, who we first learned about on The Jealous Curator, is giving us major summer vibes with her oil-on-paper series of bathing beauties, poolside fun, and beaches. Bright painted shapes set the summery scene, coupled with lots of white space. Tiny figures drifting away in fun floatation devices, women with sun-kissed skin, and children splashing about roam the page. Glimpses of mermaid tails and other dreamy touches take you to another place entirely that seems to exist only on some magical tropical island.

“[Beets’] main subjects and themes are how people interact with nature in a recreational way, usually observing things from a high vantage point and neatly rendering them in minute detail,” the artist writes about her work. “Observations of people, places and objects (and sometimes the imaginative thoughts that were produced by them) thus recorded, transfer a fleeting moment into a physical object; elevating their significance and making them touchstones of memory.”

See more of Beets’ fun work in our gallery.