Mad Men Fashion: Celebrating the Pocket Square


Matthew Weiner is infamous for his attention to detail on the set of Mad Men, but here’s one thing that we never noticed before: the male leads all tend to fold their pocket squares in different ways. (In fact, the show made the pocket square so popular again that by January of last year, Esquire declared them officially over. Again.) After noticing this, Sydney-based graphic designer Christina Perry has created a series of posters celebrating the unique looks sported by Don Draper, Roger Sterling, and Bert Cooper.

Peep images from the show, folding how-to’s, and of course Perry’s illustrations, after the jump.

Don Draper

The Presidential fold: Fold the pocket square in half to create a triangle. Fold one corner in and create a fold with the palm of your hand. Repeat on the opposite side.

Roger Sterling

The Three-Corner Up fold: Fold the pocket square in half across the center to make two overlapping triangles. Fold one side up next to the two tips. Fold the opposite side over to create flat base.

Bertram Cooper

The Four Point Crown fold: Lay your pocket square flat with one corner facing up and one corner facing down. Fold the bottom corner up to meet the top corner. Fold the bottom corner up to the top just to the left of the top corner. Fold the left side towards the right, and up to the right of the middle point of the crown. Turn the pocket square around and adjust the points of the crown.

What do you think Perry should do to graphically represent the women of Mad Men? The only thing that we can think of is to play with their preferred silhouettes. Betty is such a cupcake girl, while Joan is an hourglass, and Peggy, more buttoned-up. Any other ideas?