See Lucy, Shelly, a Sinister Camera, and a Chihuahua in Hypnotic ‘Twin Peaks’ Trailer


The longest trailer for showtime’s Twin Peaks revival, with the most new footage yet, has been released — and still, it’s just a one-minute teaser of fragmented shots of characters, intercut with blackouts. But while this cryptic display of narrative smithereens may puzzle you at first, this thing is beguiling; I’ve watched it about 10 times over, and I’m not even quite sure why, but for that somehow, these components all create an nagging itch that can only be scratched by re-watching.

The trailer is propelled by a sound that announces each new clip — an electronic blip that could be the shuttering of a camera (a very inexplicably sinister camera does make an appearance) or a very violent water drop. And it at least looks to reject nostalgia: though settlings like the police office (complete with a Lucy Moran, still apparently working the same receptionist job), sinister dive bars, and rustic motels may look familiar, this one-minute dose of the revived series has a colder, almost more Inland Empire-y vibe than the cozy horror of the original. Whether that’ll speak at all to the vibe of the revival as a whole is, of course, another story.

Among the characters you may recognize — besides Kimmy Robertson’s Lucy — are Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), Deputy Andy Brennan (Harry Goaz), Shelly Johnson (Mädchen Amick) with some new gal pals — including Jessica Szohr — at the Roadhouse, the late Miguel Ferrer’s Albert Rosenfeld, and David Lynch’s own Gordon Cole. Among the new faces are a woman with an extreme, plastered frown standing in lingerie a frilly room; a woman walking down a large hallway with a chihuahua (are chihuahuas the new owls?), and Madeleine Zima saying “try me.”


The limited event series airs Sundays at 9pm ET/PT, starting May 21st, on Showtime.