Stay Safe: Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer Is Driving Angrily Down 58th Street in a Podium


Sean Spicer’s (Melissa McCarthy’s) threatening vehicular White House briefing room podium has become one of SNL’s funniest/most important recurring set-pieces. In previous episodes, McCarthy’s Spicer press briefings would (much like the real-life ones) quickly take an uncomfortable turn towards the defensive and disciplinarian, before pseudo-Spicey would ride furiously into the crowd on his podium. And alas, the set piece looks like it’ll be back in the upcoming episode of SNL — except this time it’s not confined to the studio; in fact, it’s confined at all. (McCarthy’s spicy return was teased earlier this week with a video of the comedian lip syncing West Side Story‘s “I Feel Pretty” while transforming into the bumbling idiot who reports on the goings on of other nefarious bumbling idiots.)

The podium was spotted running free — with a Melissa McSpicey atop it — earlier today. The Hill reports that the comedian in disguise as the Press Secretary was seen riding in the podium on 58th Street in Manhattan this morning — and the news has been verified by some Twitter users who were lucky enough to catch it on video:

Presumably, some context awaits in tomorrow’s episode of SNL.