Jason Bateman Signs on for ‘Arrested Development’ Season 5


Jason Bateman has officially signed on for the fifth season of Arrested Development, according to his latest tweet about the cult comedy series. “Look very probable I’m going to put some miles on the Stair Car this summer. Just officially signed on to more ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT today,” the actor wrote.

Last summer showrunner Mitchell Hurwitz told press he was “desperate” to get the ball rolling on the new season, which seemed like a potential scheduling nightmare due to Jeffrey Tambor’s commitment to Transparent and Will Arnett’s Lego Batman gig, among other reasons. Two years ago, executive producer Brian Grazer said he was already working on 17 new eps. Other than a few more teasers, the project has been mostly quiet.

As AV Club points out, Bateman’s participation wasn’t really in question — along with the rest of the cast who seem committed to the end. But one never knows if there’s truly enough money in the banana stand — also, Hurwitz did previously state that season four might be the last. The Hollywood Reporter’s sources said the creator signed his deal already, though — so expect more Bluth family shenanigans coming to the small screen soon.