Have a Seat Inside the 3D Anamorphic Sidewalk Art Version of the ‘Twin Peaks’ Red Room


Artists Leon Keer and Nate Baranowski are traveling to Brooklyn, Portland, and Los Angeles to create a 3D street painting that will look familiar to fans of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. May 21 marks the return of the filmmaker’s surreal TV series that first aired back in 1990. The show, set in a small town where a prom queen’s death becomes a mystery that consumes its strange residents, makes its way back to the television on Showtime. All episodes are being directed by Lynch. To celebrate this momentous pop culture occasion, Showtime commissioned Keer and Baranowski to recreate the Twin Peaks Red Room (aka the Waiting Room) — home of The Man from Another Place (Michael J. Anderson) and recognized by its crimson drapes and chevron pattern floor. Website Welcome to Twin Peaks featured images of the first street painting in Brooklyn and wrote more about the significant of its location:

The past three days, Welcome to Twin Peaks witnessed how Nate brought Leon’s 3D design to life in front of the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), the very same building where back in 1989 David Lynch directed the avant-garde musical play Industrial Symphony No. 1: The Dream of the Broken Hearted, with the music of Angelo Badalamenti and Julee Cruise. That location and Lynch go way back, and they just kicked off their Peak Performances screenings with Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me. And now this…

You can visit Red Room paintings in Portland, set to install in front of Voodoo Doughnut, Too (May 18-20), and in Los Angeles at the Autry Museum (May 25-27).