Fantastical Animated Selfies That Explore An Artist’s Emotional Landscape


Chilean artist Xaviera López creates seconds-long animations that explore the creator’s emotional landscape with poetic illustrations. Each animation is a combination of analog and digital processes, at 15 frames per second. “My work is a very good representation of my internal process, that’s why some of my animations and illustrations are sad, or creepy, or lighthearted, or have mixed emotions,” López shared in an interview with Binzento Vincente. “It’s all meaningful stuff for me, and I put it out there hoping to connect with other people in different ways, because I really believe the viewer completes the artwork, and interesting things happen when you expose yourself in a respectful way.” The beauty of López’s work comes at the point of connection — the artist’s image connecting with her inner self or the artist connecting with another figure in an explosion of surreal designs. Take a closer look in our gallery.