‘SNL’ Vet Vanessa Bayer Leaving Series


Shortly after it was announced that SNL vet Bobby Moynihan will be leaving the series after nine seasons, fans were left wondering if a mass cast exodus was inevitable. The show’s longest-running female cast member Vanessa Bayer (seven seasons) has just confirmed her departure. The comedian posted a farewell message on Instagram. Bayer joined the cast of SNL in 2010 as a featured player and was bumped up to repertory status after two years. She quickly grew a following for her impersonations of Miley Cyrus (during the singer’s identity crisis) and Rachel from Friends. A sweaty-palmed Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy, a frazzled Totino’s-making wife, and her latest character, a marble-mouthed weather girl were also part of her greatest hits. All we can say is, please don’t take Kenan Thompson away.