They’re Actually Making That Rihanna/Lupita Scammer Movie from Twitter


Hey, remember back in April, when this tweet went around and we all had a good laugh?

And then remember how, after it went viral, Lupita and Riri said they were into it, and then other Twitterers drafted Ava DuVernay to direct and Issa Rae to write?

And we all grinned and said, “What good sports,” and shared a laugh about a common thing, which is nice to do in a moment of general shared nervous breakdown? Well guess what, now they’re making the movie. Beat that, lame teen with your Wendy’s “nuggs.”

Entertainment Weekly reports all four of the Twitter-drafted participants are in on the as-yet-untitled collaboration, with Netflix landing the project “after a dramatic negotiating session at the Cannes Film Festival.” The film industry circa 2017 is pretty bonkers, huh?

And yes, the original Twitter users who willed this movie in existence “will be credited and included in some form,” Rae’s representatives tell Vanity Fair. In the meantime, DuVernay confirmed the news via – obviously – Twitter:

Jesus, you can say that again.