Watch Laura Linney and Jason Bateman Try to Disappear in Netflix Series ‘Ozark’


Jason Bateman seems like he’ll soon be monopolizing every emotion you want to feel via Netflix binging — bringing the goofy and absurd with another season of Arrested Development, and the brooding and sinister with Ozark, the 10-episode drama whose first teaser trailer was just released.

The trailer indeed reveals a dramatic turn for Bateman, but funnily enough, the plot of Ozark itself isn’t too dissimilar to, well, any episode of Arrested Development, wherein unscrupulous deeds usually surrounding finances often lead family members to attempt to flee their current situations. Ozark follows Bateman’s character Marty and his lives — as a financial planner and drug lord’s money launderer. He and his wife, Wendy (Laura Linney) have to relocate with their two children from Chicago to a Missouri Ozark resort town while he attempts to pay off a debt to the lord of the drugs — and of course danger, tension, and attractive landscapes ensue.

It’s exciting to see that four years after the end of The Big C, Laura Linney has another TV platform for her dramatic excellence — and the trailer reveals a few great slivers of the excellence. (She delivers the line “this place is death” with enough conviction and furiousness, set to the simultaneous conviction of Kanye’s “Wolves,” for you not to even question whether a line like “this place is death” is, itself, death.)

Watch the teaser trailer:

Ozark will be available to stream on July 21.