If the New Arcade Fire Album is Called ‘Infinite Content’ I Swear I Am Moving to Mars


If you’re a fan of Arcade Fire, then you’ll be happy to know that they apparently have a new album on the way. Hurrah. Good news. BFW. The less good news is that the album appears to be called Infinite Content, which, for god’s sake, it’s bad enough working in the #content mill; the last thing I need is Win Butler fucking singing about it. The album, if that’s what it is, has been teased by a bunch of social media #content: there’s a livestream from Death Valley here, which is very ~mysterious~. There’s an icon that sometimes reads “Live” and sometimes “Lie”! Mysterious! There’s a Twitter account that looks like a Russian spambot! Mysterious! Political!

And, most importantly, there’s a new song. It’s called “Everything Now.” Everything! Now! The song was released on vinyl at Primavera Sound in Barcelona, but happily, you can also hear it below:

UPDATE: Arcade Fire have announced that the title is Everything Now. I guess I’m staying here, then.