Al Gore, Bob Iger, and Elon Musk React to Trump’s Paris Accord Bullshit


Yesterday afternoon, following a Running Man-style cliffhanger run-up that betrayed him as the hackneyed former game show host that he is, Donald Trump strolled his dumb ass out into the Rose Garden and announced the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, because nothing – not even the health of the planet – matters more to this overgrown man-child than undoing every action of the black guy who did the job better before. The president’s red hat-donning sycophants have reacted about as you’d expect to the subsequent gnashing of teeth, though one group’s objections may get under his skin – rich white male businessmen like himself.

Tesla head Elon Musk made headlines right off the bat for withdrawing from the President’s He-Man Deal-Makers Club, citing Trump’s decision on the Paris Accord for his action:

Not long after, Disney CEO Bog Iger followed suit:

He followed up with a fuller statement, via Deadline: “Protecting our planet and driving economic growth are critical to our future, and they aren’t mutually exclusive. I deeply disagree with the decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement and, as a matter of principle, I’ve resigned from the President’s advisory council.”

Disney isn’t the only media entity reacting to the decision. According to Variety, Paramount’s forthcoming follow-up to Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth is being reworked to include Trump’s pull-out, in advance of its July 28th release (assuming we still have a functioning society by then, hahahaha).

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power was already, it seemed, a work in flux when it premiered at Sundance last January, on the weekend of Trump’s inauguration. Much of the film is spent at the UN Climate Conference, as Mr. Gore works back rooms and makes speeches. The film was clearly heading towards the happy ending of another climate-friendly Dem in the White House – an ending hastily reconfigured into a “fight another day” takeaway. But the closing scenes also included footage of Gore’s visit to Trump Tower, holding out some hope that the Fox News-educated Commander-in-Chief could be persuaded into, I dunno, believing science. Presumably, that notion is now on the cutting room floor.