Watch a Disembodied Android Head Have an Existential Crisis in the Video for Previously Unreleased Radiohead Song “I Promise”


Radiohead’s OK Computer was released 20 years ago this month — a fact that makes Gen X-ers like your correspondent feel terrifyingly old — and to celebrate, the band are planning a deluxe reissue. Said reissue includes three previously unreleased songs, and one of those songs, entitled “I Promise” was released to radio yesterday. As per BBC Radio 6’s Steve Lamacq, the band were “especially pleased to find [the song] in the vaults because they thought it’d been lost over the years.” We are also glad, because the song is good — you can see why it didn’t quite make the cut for the album, but it’s definitely of respectable-b-side quality.

There’s also a new video for the song, which premiered on Rolling Stone‘s website this morning, and which you can watch below. It features the disembodied, Michael-Fassbender-in-Prometheus head of what appears to be a literal paranoid android: the head has been placed in a bus, where it sits watching the world go by, but it’s also haunted by unexplained visions of a strange woman, visions that by the end of the video appear to have left the android distraught and possibly deranged. In other words, it fits both OK Computer‘s themes and aesthetic perfectly.