Watch the Trailer for the Duplass Brothers’ New Series, and See All the Crazy Shit One Hotel Room Might Witness


Room 104, off the bat, has the premise of a line of questions you’ve probably asked yourself every time you’ve been in a hotel/motel room: what deeply personal conversations, what moments of deep isolation, and of course what weird sex shit has this room seen? The series, created by the Duplass Brothers (Mark and Jay, who together created the show about togetherness, Togetherness) for HBO, reveals 12 stories across 12 episodes as they unfold within the titular hotel room. In a similar vein to the HBO series In Treatment, each episode is contained within one character’s or set of characters’ stories and emotional states, within the similarly contained space of the generic, context-less bedroom. Get your first look at this raw, wild-seeming show in its first trailer, below.

Room 104 premieres July 24.