Gorgeous Illustrations of Queer Women About Longing and Love


Paris-based illustrator Sarah Maxwell has a background in fashion illustration, but her comic-style artworks featuring wistful women and romantic visual/textual fragments feel the most intimate and have been gaining popularity on Instagram. Each piece conveys a powerful sense of longing and desire. Femininity is at the heart of Maxwell’s illustrations, particularly queer identity, highlighted recently in an interview with the artist on Hungertv.com.

“A big part of my inspiration is talking openly about being a lesbian, normalizing it in a way – because there really isn’t much representation, and I think it’s important,” she told the website. “I really appreciate and love the queer artists that are paving the way to make it more accepted, and I’ve always been hoping to be a part of that. I’ve gotten so many people that say they appreciate my art because they can relate to what they see there, and it’s wonderful to hear that I can provide even a small voice to this community.”

See more of Maxwell’s women in our gallery.