Basilica Soundscape 2017 Line-Up Announced, Feat. Blanck Mass, Priests, serpentwithfeet and, OMG, JOHN MAUS!


A couple of years back, your correspondent penned this heartfelt appeal to synth savant/philosophical oddball/general Flavorwire inspiration John Maus to return from…. wherever he is. Maus has been largely off the radar since 2011’s We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves and its associated live shows — he’s occasionally surfaced on Twitter to post cryptic updates that are deleted shortly after they’re posted, but that’s about it, and if anyone knows what he’s been up to, they’re not telling.

But! But! The line-up for this year’s Basilica Soundscape festival was released today, and amongst the excellent selection of artists playing — to whom we’ll get shortly — there is, without ado or explanation, one John Maus. He’s back! Is there a new album? Or just new music? Who knows! Either way, there is much rejoicing at Flavorwire at the news of his return.

Anyway, yes, the rest of the line-up. As in the past, the festival is taking place at the beautiful Basilica Hudson arts center in Hudson, NY, in mid-September. This year’s event will be over the weekend of September 15-17, and will feature:

Bing & Ruth Blanck Mass Emel Mathlouthi Jlin John Maus Moor Mother Priests Protomartyr serpentwithfeet Thou Yellow Eyes Zola Jesus

There’s also readings from Darcie Wilder, Eileen Myles and Patty Schemel, and visual art from Emma Kohlmann, Jesse Draxler, Marianne Vitale and Naama Tsab. Tickets are available here.