Watch the Trailer for Andy Samberg’s Latest Mockumentary, ‘Tour de Pharmacy’


Aside from starring on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, possibly the funniest show on television (yes, really, fight me) Andy Samberg has apparently been keeping himself busy taking Christopher Guest’s place as our premier mockumentarian. (If Mascots was any indication, the job is due for a new hire anyway.) Last summer, the SNL alum and his Lonely Island cohort satirized the Bieber/Perry-style fawning PR concert documentary with the uproariously funny theatrical release Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping ; the year before that, he fronted 7 Days in Hell , an HBO send-up of 30 for 30­-style sports documentaries.

Tour de Pharmacy, also for HBO, returns to that mold, with a shared director (Jake Symanski) and the same “Legends of Sport” branding. And, like the tennis-centered 7 Days in Hell, it focuses on a comparatively low-impact sport: competitive cycling, in the form of a retrospective look at the 1982 Tour de France, when everyone was basically doped to the gills. Samberg’s co-stars this time around include Jeff Goldblum, Maya Rudolph, Orlando Bloom, John Cena, Kevin Bacon, Danny Glover, Julia Ormond, Daveed Diggs, Will Forte – and Lance Armstrong, which should be either very funny or very awkward.

Here’s the trailer:

Tour de Pharmacy premieres July 8 on HBO.