Watch the Trailer for the Keegan-Michael Key Starring Netflix Comedy Series, ‘Friends From College’


“I know you love your college friends but every time you get together you all become a bunch of little bitches,” one character says towards the beginning of the trailer for the new Netflix series Friends From College — and such seems to be the series’ overarching premise…except for that two of those friends, who’re now married, have also been having an affair since college. The show hails from Neighbors writer Nicolas Stoller, who’s certainly quite versed in writing adults-acting-like-rambunctious-college-student stories.

This one stars Keegan-Michael Key as a married 40-something reuniting with all of his college friends — one of whom, it seems, he’s been sleeping with for decades. The show also stars Cobie Smulders, Jae Suh Park, Nat Faxon, Fred Savage, and Annie Parisse as members of the now-established-adult clique. Beyond the series regulars, the trailer also boasts appearances from Kate McKinnon and Billy Eichner.

Watch these adults acting rambunctious and provoking each others’ existential crises:

The eight-episode first season of Friends From College will hit Netflix on July 14.

[h/t Indiewire]