Damon Lindelof Launches an…Unconventional Emmys Campaign Involving Justin Theroux’s Infamous ‘Leftovers’ Sweatpants


The creator of the dearly departed The Leftovers, Damon Lindelof, seems enthusiastic about objectifying Justin Theroux on his serieswhile also, of course, giving him a girthy emotional role with a penis complex interior life. Sometimes the objectification would happen accidentally, as when numerous people across the Internet decided to screencap a particular jogging scene in which Justin Theroux wore particular grey sweatpants that made the scene particularly screencap-friendly. Today on Instagram, as A.V. Club points out, in honor of the last day of Emmy votes, Lindelof launched a campaign giving his critically beloved series’ third season one last push. It was a campaign full of promises, mostly involving Theroux’s sweatpants.

While Season 3 was airing, Lindelof told TVLine, “There’s an incredible disproportion between naked women and naked men on television…And if you’re going to do a show on HBO, which is one of the few places where you can do full frontal nudity, there’s no excuse not to show more dongs. I’m passionate about it.” It’s refreshing to see that even after the show’s ended, the creator hasn’t lost track of the good fight.