The Second Season of ‘Stranger Things’ Gets a Release Date, and an Ominous Teaser and Poster


Earlier this year, Netflix released a Stranger Things Season 2 teaser during the Super Bowl. It featured a sketch of an arachnid-like monster that appears in thunderclouds — and a couple of quick shots of the thing, which perhaps crawled, or lightninged, out of the Upside Down. Now, a new poster — shared to accompany the announcement of the season’s release date — depicts the same monster, all the more vividly. It’s also all the more ominous in this photo, as here it towers above Mike, Lucas, Dustin, and Will (speaking of which, is he now an Upside Down slug child?), as they stare down the uncertain pathway of the long, empty American — and specifically, Hawkins, Indiana — road.

Speaking of which — though cloudy spider is the main monster we’ve seen in teasers, it seems this season may have a bouquet of new faces (or, in the case of last season’s monster, anti-faces.) Co-creator Matt Duffer told Variety, “Hiding the monsters can be more effective than seeing it, so restraint can be a good thing. I can’t talk too much about them, but they’re cool.” Yeah — them.

Meanwhile, a just-released teaser plays on the series’ iconography with the recalling of one of its most ’80s influence-heavy images — the four leads riding their bicycles towards danger, adventure, and strangeness.

And in case you missed the release date in the two Tweets above, yes, you will be glued a screen for a good deal of October 27th.