See New Footage of a Cruel and Beautifully Lit Future in ‘Blade Runner 2049’s’ Second Trailer


The Denis Villeneuve-directed Blade Runner 2049 just got a second trailer, so you can now see many of the same exquisitely stylized scenes…from slightly different angles, and a slightly more robust portrait of the characters you’ve already glimpsed.

The trailer, which aired during Good Morning America, checks on Ryan Gosling’s LAPD officer, K, who’s been tasked with the pretty awesome job of finding Harrison Ford in a beautiful hellscape. It plunges into a world that, well, should certainly quell your Westworld withdrawal for the time being, replete as it is with naked waxy enslaved humanoids in the desert. The trailer makes the treeless future (where apparently Sony still exists, as it’s shown on the alienating future-y pink billboards) look all the more breathtakingly sad, while circling the narrative of Ford’s character Deckard’s disappearance. The Blade Runners — who themselves were hunters of Replicants, as you’ll recall from the Ridley Scott original — were being “hunted,” Deckard says, as he explains why he went into hiding.

The trailer also devotes plenty of time to seeming villain Jared Leto and his scary milky contact lenses, and Robin Wright as…someone who provides emotional urgency by saying things like “this breaks the world.” (Official character descriptions clearly have not yet been released.)