Watch: Lorde Performs “Perfect Places” on ‘Late Night,’ Discusses Applying Synesthesia to Her Work


Last night on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Lorde performed “Perfect Places,” her fittingly both cathartic and melancholy ode to ephemerality as embodied in a night out, in a hookup. The performance, accompanied by a band and a chorus, is fantastic, and features some of Lorde’s always welcome erratic dance moves. She also spoke with Seth Meyers about the album as a whole — discussing working with her co-producer, Jack Antonoff; her rare love of the New York subway (despite having been held captive by its increasingly bad service for 4 hours recently); and synesthesia.

She describes how her experiences with this sensory-overlapping form of perception impact her music, saying, that with synesthesia, “music and words have colors and textures and forms. Making music is a really visual process.” But she also emphasizes, “sometimes I try to keep the color thing away from synesthesia Muggles, cause I feel like it’s super annoying. But I would slip and be like, [a song] ‘just doesn’t look very nice.”

When asked what the colors of the music on Melodrama are, Lorde points to the cover art — by Sam McKinniss (incidentally, a completely exquisite and expressive album cover) — as a reference.

Watch Lorde’s performance:

Here’s her chat with Meyers: