Michel Euler/AP/REX/Shutterstock

This is What Your Favorite Disney Characters Would Look Like in 2017


UK-based artist Tom Ward’s Alt Disney series imagines what contemporary versions of classic Disney films would look like today, infused with social and political themes. We first discovered the series on Design You Trust. In some cases, modern life agrees with characters like Beauty and the Beast’s Gaston and LeFou — the latter of which proudly waves an LGBT rainbow flag. In other cases, life has taken a dark turn in 2017 for our Disney favorites. The Lion King’s beloved Simba (and two other Disney icons) is pictured as a sad beast trapped in a circus. Ward calls attention to these serious issues, like animal cruelty and the degradation of our environment (The Little Mermaid illustration), blending somber and lighthearted tones in his drawings. See more of Ward’s Alt Disney universe in here.