Disbanded Sibling Duo The Knife Release a Horrifying Cooking Video. Does This Signal…Something?


Following their 2014 album Shaking the Habitual, The Knife’s Karin Dreijer and Olof Dreijer announced that their band that’d brought so much danceable alienation to the world would be going quiet. And so they stuck to their unfortunate word, and seemingly disbanded. However, as Pitchfork noted this morning, their Facebook page now has two disquieting (though that qualifier is hardly necessary with The Knife) videos, marking their first Facebook activity since a festival announcement back in February. (The band also updated their profile image today.) What could they possibly mean?

One is an image of a Haribo Cherry slowly being sliced by a knife. (Very on the nose, The Knife, very on the nose.)

The second is given the title “Mother of Knives Cooking Class,” and is indeed something of a cooking class, held by a masked (of course) female figure, over what sounds like Shaking the Habitual‘s “Networking.”

No news yet as to whether or not this activity is suggestive of other, new musical activity, but we’ll update this post if and when that information comes to light.