Shutterstock / Axis Photo

Badass Photos of Empowered Post-Apocalyptic Girl Gangs


You can spot shades of Tank Girl, Mad Max, and The Warriors in the work of Melbourne-based photographer Bryn DC, who we discovered on Beautiful/Decay. But the artist hopes audiences will focus on the power of women in the narrative images rather than the pop culture references that abound. “My life has been spent making monsters, whether human or inhuman, figurative or literal, and showing the humanity that survives them,” the photographer writes on Patreon. “I have a background in effects make-up for film and my art has always drawn influence from fringe genres like horror, film noir and giallo.” This is evident in the handmade elements in the series Hypermnesia 99, which also boasts a lurid color scheme similar to the Italian thrillers of the giallo subgenre. The gritty images from the series Future Fatigue are cinematic and raw – but it’s the badass women in DC’s work who take center stage.

Check out the photos here.