Watch Seth Meyers Explain Exactly How Donald Trump Fucked Up Last Weekend


Once upon a time – not even all that long ago! – our presidents were serious statesmen who occupied our days with their policy concerns and visions for our future, and our talk-show hosts were jokesters who occupied our evenings with their wacky hijinks. Well, now our president is a half-witted toddler who occupies our days with his diaper-filling, his borderline-Tourette’s shrieking of “FAKE NEWS!”, his big-boy showdowns with foreign powers, and his not-even-marginally-subtle embrace of white nationalist rhetoric. So I guess it only stands to reason, in this down-is-up dogs-and-cats-living-together mass-hysteria culture, that the talk-show hosts are the thoughtful grown-ups.

And that brings us to Seth Meyers, whose show has steadily evolved, over the past couple of years, from yet another hour with an SNL alum behind a desk into the kind of trenchant political, social, and media satire that people keep saying we lost when Jon Stewart retired. And last night, Meyers looked his camera dead in the eye and explained precisely how Donald J. Trump failed (again) in the wake of the terrorist demonstrations and attacks in Charlottesville:

Jimmy Fallon apparently stopped playing beer pong long enough to do some kind of bullshit faux-sincere Charlottesville monologue too, but also he did this:

So fuck him.