Rate-a-Trailer: The Red Riding Trilogy


And now for something totally different from The A-Team . The Red Riding Trilogy, which originally aired on Channel 4 in the UK, is a cinematic work composed of three feature-length films, each directed by an established filmmaker — Julian Jarrold (Brideshead Revisited), James Marsh (Man on Wire) and Anand Tucker (Shopgirl) — and based on four novels by David Peace. (These are in turn loosely based on the real-life crimes of a man known as the Yorkshire Ripper.)

The trailer is pretty scary, although in a dramatic, modern noir way — there’s not a lot of gore, just a lot of dead bodies. That said, we’re trying to imagine what five hours of this kind of intensity will do to our blood pressure.

Watch the trailer on Apple now.

Also of note: Vulture just premiered the poster for the film. We thought it was kind of pretty until we read that the Ripper sewed swan wings onto one of his victims. Yum.

Red Riding is in theaters February 5; it will simultaneously be available on IFC Films’ video on demand platform.