Lorde Releases Videos for Six “Reimagined” Tracks from ‘Melodrama’


Once upon a time, when an artist wanted to prove their musical bona fides by performing stripped-down, acoustic versions of their hits, they went on a little program called MTV Unplugged, and they got a whole TV special (and, often, an album too) out of the deal. Alas, those times have changed. MTV doesn’t have room for the likes of Unplugged – those Teen Wolf re-runs aren’t gonna air themselves – so artists have to take such reconnecting-with-the-music endeavors upon themselves.

Which brings us to Lorde, who has released six videos (via Vevo) for new, “reimagined” versions of songs from her latest album Melodrama . The videos – for “Sober,” “The Louvre,” “Homemade Dynamite,” “Hard Feelings/Loveless,” “Supercut,” and “Writer in the Dark” – were shot at NYC’s beloved Electric Lady studios (coincidentally enough, where she recorded the album.)

“I don’t really do acoustic sessions or anything, but with this record, it had roots in acoustic instruments, in live musicianship,” she explains in an accompanying clip (above). “I think when you start to strip a song back, you really come back to this place of where you were building it.”

Check out the videos (and new versions of the songs) below: