Watch Tina Fey Stress-Eat a Cake While Yelling About Donald Trump


Binge-eating, feeling helpless, yelling at elected officials who can’t hear us – turns out stars are just like us, or at least Tina Fey is. And during last night’s special, summer, all-“Weekend Update” edition of Saturday Night Live, the former “Update” anchor returned to the desk to show us all how she’s coping with last weekend’s violence at UVA (her alma matter, she noted), and President Trump’s garbage response to it.

“I’ve seen Raiders of the Lost Ark and I wasn’t confused by it,” Fey noted, of Trump’s “on many sides” bullshit. “Nazis are always bad. I don’t care what you say.” Fey’s suggestion for staying clear of harm’s way when these “white boys sportin’ polo shirts” mount more demonstrations this weekend? “Find a local business you support – maybe a Jewish-run bakery. Or an African-American run… bakery. Order a cake, with the American flag on it… and um, just eat it.”

Fey spent the rest of the segment stuffing said cake into her face and railing against white supremacists, Trump, and spineless weasel Paul Ryan (“You’re supposed to be the cool young congressman but you don’t know how to @ somebody on Twitter? Racism is bad @realdonaldtrump, you pussy!”). Watch:

Apparently some folks on Twitter think Fey is actually advocating doing nothing in the face of fascism, and not merely doing a bit on hopelessness and despair, trying to use absurdism to joke about some genuinely scary shit. In fairness to them, satire is pretty much dead these days anyway.