Michelle Branch and Patrick Carney Covered “A Horse With No Name” for ‘BoJack Horseman’


In one of those snickering pop culture reappropriations that we sort of can’t believe took this long to happen, pop songstress Michelle Branch and Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney have remade America’s ‘70s soft-rock standby “A Horse With No Name” for an upcoming album of music from, and inspired by, BoJack Horseman.

Carney comes to the track from two directions: he composed the series’ original theme song, and he produced Branch’s most recent album, Hopeless Romantic, which was released back in April. (It was the first studio record in 14 years for Branch, whose “Everywhere” was a ubiquitous pop hit in 2001.) Give it a listen:

The track appears on BoJack Horseman (Music From the Netflix Original Series), which drops on September 8 – the same BoJack’s fourth season appears on Netflix, wow, what a wild coincidence.