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8 Great Subscription Boxes for Art Lovers


Nothing is more exciting than having a stash of brand new art supplies at your fingertips, but subscription boxes can be hit or miss. Have no fear, though — we’ve done all the legwork for you. With fall approaching and the great indoors becoming more of a reality in the cooler months ahead, we’ve been craving a little art-making fun, and these arty subscription boxes are sure to keep the creative juices flowing and unlock your inner Van Gogh — or Kara Walker, depending on your taste, interests, and style. So check out these art-themed boxes, and get creating.

Get four to five full-size premium art products each month from ArtSnacks, and learn about new products before they even hit the shelves. There’s also a community feature so you can nerd out over fancy pants paints and things. A tasty treat keeps you art-making late into the night.

Art supplies and actual art? Sold! “Our goal is to provide artists with easy access to supplies and exposure to their work,” says SketchBox.

ScrawlrBox is perfect for UK artists who get pencils lost in their hair and love a great mystery (box).

Smile Create Repeat offers five or more quality supplies that are curated by a professional artist and tested by artists, so there are no dreaded throwaway items.

Lettering junkies get their fix with Lettering Box — curated hand-lettering tools for the crafty connoisseur (who probably has perfect penmanship).

If you prefer to make art between the lines, then Monthly Coloring Club — featuring limited-edition adult coloring books with different themes — is for you.

You get three boxes to choose from with Paletteful Packs, which doesn’t skim on art goodies. You can start creating right out of the box.

Feeling crunchy? The Hippie Hobby will feed your DIY crafty cravings. The company strives to incorporate recycled, upcycled, and natural elements in each kit.