Supremely Lynchian ‘Twin Peaks’ Characters We Already Miss


The revival of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks has come to an end. Emotions are mixed, the reviews are in, and we already miss our new Sunday evening ritual of pie, coffee, and a whole lot of WTFness as we watch people drive in silence for five-minute stretches and wonder what the hell Michael Cera thinks he’s up to. The new series didn’t disappoint in terms of bizarre characters. When we first saw the enormous cast list for Twin Peaks: The Return, we had no idea what to make of it — but Lynch didn’t disappoint. Between the transdimensional beings and wisecracking gangsters, magic was made; we miss Lynch’s supremely Lynchian characters like crazy. Here’s who we’re thinking about post-season finale; tell us your favorites on Facebook and Twitter.

The woman with major road rage who is late af.

Freddie Sykes and his fist of fury.

Cryptic BFFs MIKE and The Arm.

That swirling vortex, which is at least Instagram-friendly with Anish Kapoor.

The Woodsman, who can’t stop bumming a smoke off people.

Babely mixologists and sandwich-makers Candie, Sandie, and Mandie from the Silver Mustang Casino.

Crazy casino lady, who cleans up nice.

Bushnell Mullins, because Lynch loves a tough guy with heart.

Constance Talbot, a wisenheimer we love who knows her way around a headless corpse.

Flirty French lady who just needs another minute, mkay?

Sarah Palmer and her removable face.

Janey-E Jones, who is not afraid to deliver some sass to a team of thugs.

Chantal and Hutch, who are probably eating junk food in heaven.

The flying BOB rock, tumor . . . whatever.

Michael Cera’s Brando, because this is exactly why you watch a David Lynch TV show.

And everyone else. Miss you, Twin Peaks.