Dan Wooller/REX/Shutterstock

Here’s Your First Look at Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury, Enjoy It


You know that moment when you hear that they’re making a celebrity biopic, and you’re like, “Huh, I wonder who will play him/her?” And then after a while, you hear which celebrity they’re casting, and you have that moment when you’re like, “Hmmm, I dunno if they can pull it off”? And then after they start shooting, there’s a publicity photo or a paparazzi photo where you see said celebrity made up and costumed to look like the celebrity they’re playing, and you have that moment where you look at it and you’re like, “Oh, huh I guess they do kinda look alike, okay”?

Well, this is that moment for the movie where Rami Malek from Mr. Robot plays Freddie Mercury. Check it out here.

There it was. That moment is now over. Did you enjoy it? They’re gonna go make a whole movie of that now.