Listen to the New Sam Smith Song, If You’re Into That Sorta Thing


Sam Smith, the singing-earnestly-with-his-eyes-closed troubadour who won the most inexplicable Oscar of our time (no small feat, that) a year and a half ago for his unlistenable James Bond theme “Writing’s On the Wall,” is back with his first release since that win (and the lead-off single for his as-yet-untitled fall album). We should probably listen to it and jot down some thoughts, but boy, there’s just so much to do around Flavorwire HQ today. I mean, the office cat’s litter box isn’t gonna change itself. And once that’s done, we may as well take out all the trash. But then there’s recycling too, so we should sort that; gotta be environmentally conscious, after all. All that trash activity is just bound to get the floors messy, so a sweep and mop is in order. And um, maybe a wax?

Anyway, with all that to be done, it’s hard to imagine how we’ll ever get around to listening to a new Sam Smith song. But, y’know, help yourself: