Morbid and Hilarious T-Shirts Inspired by ’70s Designs


Graphic designer Steven Rhodes, who we first learned about on Dangerous Minds, has a laundry list of inspirations that we can 100% get behind. His t-shirt creations look like a cross between ’70s psychedelia, vintage science-fiction book covers, a dash of old-school Frank Kozik, and some satanic mid-century twilight zone. Boasting text like “Let’s Sacrifice Toby,” the t-shirts are hilarious and weird, and feature smiling kids with large knives who don’t exactly hide their ulterior motives. It’s the kind of tongue-in-cheek humor that someone like David Lynch might appreciate — and in case you didn’t think Rhodes was on top of his game, he also sells Twin Peaks-inspired designs. See more of the artist’s work in our gallery.