Jordan Peele Will Produce a New TV Series About Killin’ Nat-zis


Jordan Peele made the year’s most profitable movie, but he’s also smart enough to know that the entertainment industry has a very short memory, so he’s lining up all the projects he can, and good for him. He’s already signed a first-look deal with Universal to write and direct more “social thrillers” in the vein of Get Out (and passed on a big-budget Akira adaptation to do so); he’ll co-produce Spike Lee’s Black Klansman; and now he’ll executive-produce The Hunt, a TV series about Nazi hunters, as part of an overall TV development deal.

The Hunt is inspired by real events. Set in America in the 1970s, it focuses on a band of justice-seekers tracking Nazis who escaped from Germany and hid out in the States under new names and identities. (Think The Boys from Brazil, but without the Hitler-cloning.)

The series does not yet have a network attached or a start date, but considering how hot Nazi-punching is these days, that shouldn’t take long.