‘SNL’ Favorite David S. Pumpkins Gets His Own Halloween Special


The spooky season comes early this year with news that SNL favorite character David S. Pumpkins, portrayed by Tom Hanks (who initially tried to get out of the part), is getting his own animated Halloween special. Pumpkins, whose signature phrase is “Any questions?” (yeah, we don’t know either, but that’s ok), first appeared last year in all his orange and black glory, flanked by a pair of skeleton dancers. The sketch — featured below — was nonsensical, which, of course, made it a hit. (Your editor personally favored the Larry David eccentric-guy-with-a-catchphrase character whose line was, “Can a bitch get a donut?”) Look for the David S. Pumpkins Halloween special on Saturday, October 28. In the meantime, here are a few fun Halloween-y moments from SNL, which will debut its 43rd season on September 30. Stay tuned for our recaps.