Creepy, Weird Action Figures Inspired by ’80s Slasher Films


Dan Polydoris creates custom action figures full of ‘80s nostalgia, and holds a particular fondness for slasher films. From the artist: “As a kid,” he writes on his website Death By Toys, “perusing horror movies at the video store was pretty much the pinnacle of human existence for me. (As an adult, I actually still feel the same way.) Since ’80s slashers hold such a special place in my heart, I took some of my favorite ’80s slasher tapes and turned them into custom horror toys.”

And he’s not referencing the generic slasher film fiend in his action figures, but some rather offbeat and obscure fan favorites. Ken Hughes’ 1981 film Night School and its killer in all-black motorcycle gear gets an homage, as does the 1981 Canadian slasher Happy Birthday to Me and the movie’s deadly antipasto skewer.

Nerd out in our gallery for a peek, and head to Death By Toys, which we learned about from Village Voice film critic Simon Abrams, to pick up your own horror-iffic action figure.