Regal Cinemas Are Running a Treasure Trove of Classic Horror Flicks This Month


Horror fans nationwide are in for a real treat this October, as Regal Cinemas rolls out “HorrorFest 2017,” a month-long program 12 horror classics, from the ‘30s through the ’80, including the new 4K restoration of Dario Argento’s Suspiria. It’s a killer line-up – and a labor of love for one horror filmmaker and fanatic.

Leif Jonker began the annual series of retro horror screenings in his hometown of Wichita, Kansas (full disclosure: it’s my hometown, too) six years ago. The local cinephile – and director of the cult horror fave Darkness – programmed, promoted, fund-raised, and presented the series every October at various locations of Wichita’s Warren Theaters (with profits going to local charities). When that locally-owned chain sold to the national Regal Cinemas earlier this year, Wichita movie lovers wondered and worried if the local tradition could continue under corporate ownership.

Jonker appealed directly to the powers that be, finally locking in a seventh HorrorFest in Wichita – but so impressing Regal with his programming and promotional work that they decided to offer up the series to Regal locations nationwide. (And it’s a bargain to boot: $10 for double features, $5 for singles.)

The series, which kicks off tonight with the Suspiria restoration, will run at 48 Regal Cinemas across the country. For the full schedule – which also includes The Shining, Jaws, The Monster Squad, the original Fright Night and Nightmare on Elm Street, and double features of The Dead Zone and Pet Sematary, King Kong and Them!, and Cat People and Videodrome – and list of locations, visit Regal’s website here.