Watch the Latest Paul Thomas Anderson-Directed Haim Video


Hey, everything’s kind of garbage right now, and if you wanted to just wallow in despair day in and day out, who could blame you? But if you’d like just a few minutes of joy, here’s something: Paul Thomas Anderson has directed another Haim video. It’s for “Little of Your Love,” and it’s delightful.

The clip is the latest in a series of collaborations between the There Will Be Blood director and the Haim sisters, who all share common roots in the San Fernando Valley – in fact, their mother was one of Anderson’s schoolteachers. He first directed their live-in-studio clip for “Right Now,” released back in April; it was then included as part of “Valentine,” a fourteen-minute in-studio suite, which played in some theaters over the summer. (He somehow didn’t direct the clip for “Want You Back,”, which is shocking, since its one-long-unbroken-take style is right in his wheelhouse.)

And now he’s helmed “Little of Your Love,” a buoyant video that’s set mostly in a nightclub, continuing the chill-but-choreographed dance vid vibe of “Want You Back,” but with a disco-ball aesthetic that can’t help but remind one of the big dance number at the end of the “Machine Gun” montage in Boogie Nights. We’re not quite sure exactly what PTA is up to here, but we’d like to think he’s eventually going to just string all these clips together into a feature-length Haim musical movie.

Give it a look:

“Little of Your Love” is featured on the group’s album Something To Tell You, which is out now and is great.