Chanel Axes Exhibit, Foster Redesigns Double-decker, and More Artsy News


&nbsp; <p class=”MsoNormal”><strong><span lang=”TR”>Chanel cancels Hadid exhibit: </span></strong><span lang=”TR”>The Chanel Mobile Art exhibit was meant to travel the world — but no longer. Chanel called it quits on the exhibition, citing the economic crisis as the main factor. The brainchild of Zaha Hadid and Karl Lagerfeld, the giant handbag-cum-building was one of the most ambitious mergers of fashion and art to date. [<a href=”″>Frillr</a>%5D</span></p&gt; <p class=”MsoNormal”><strong><span lang=”TR”><em>Daisies</em> star joins Kelley drama: </span></strong><span lang=”TR”>After David Kelley’s <em>Boston Legal</em> ended this year, he’s been busy with other projects like <em>Life on Mars</em> (our favorite new show this season) and <em>Legally Mad</em>. Kristen Chenoweth of <em>Pushing Daisies</em> is joining the cast of his new legal drama, to play a “cheerful and brilliant attorney who nonetheless exhibits flashes of psychosis.” Kelley and <em>Pushing Daisies</em> and insanity makes for a great combination. [<a href=””>EW</a>%5D</span></p&gt; <p class=”MsoNormal”><!–more–></p> <p class=”MsoNormal”><strong><span lang=”TR”>Foster closes in on British bus redesign: </span></strong><span lang=”TR”>London’s mayor Boris Johnson selected Norman Foster for the redesign of the ubiquitous red double-decker bus. Working with Aston Martin, Foster aims to create “a British icon for the 21st century” with a sleek look, wooden floors and solar panels. However, there’s some drama to deal with before Foster gets the green light — all designs are being passed on to bus manufacturers for a final evaluation. [<a href=””>The Architects’ Journal</a>]</span></p> <p class=”MsoNormal”><strong><span lang=”TR”>Change in artists’ law pushed back to 2012: </span></strong><span lang=”TR”>The British government is holding off on a law that lets the families of dead artists benefit from sales of their work. Following EU protocol, the change would reward an artist’s family’s “sacrifice” by giving them up to four percent of work resold at an auction or gallery. But due to the economy (shocker!), the law won’t be implemented until 2012, even later from the original 2006 date when the idea was conceived and supported by artists like Damien Hirst, Holly Johnson and Steve Bell. [<a href=””>Telegraph</a>%5D</span></p&gt; <p class=”MsoNormal”><strong><span lang=”TR”>Cody film sets release date: </span></strong><span lang=”TR”>The new Diablo Cody film, <em>Jennifer’s Body</em> (we got a sneak peek at the campy screenplay a few months ago…think <em>Juno</em> meets <em>The Faculty</em>) has been set for release in September. The gory film has a charming plotline about Amanda Seyfried killing her best friend (Megan Fox) becuase she has been possessed by a demon and started killing all the boys in their high school. Adam Brody, who hasn’t done anything interesting since <em>The O.C.</em>, plays the goth rocker/demon; we’ll see if he’s able to do small town horror as well as he did Newport geek chic. [<a href=””>Cinema Blend</a>]</span></p> &nbsp;

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