A First Look At Documentary ‘Cinema Through The Eye Of Magnum,’ Now Available on FilmStruck


Last week, we told you about the new documentary Cinema Through the Eye of Magnum, which airs exclusively on the cinema lovers’ favorite streaming service FilmStruck. The movie spotlights the photo service’s incredible on-set photography, which includes now famous images of icons like Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and Elizabeth Taylor. Film reporter Alicia Malone narrates this overview of Magnum’s essential place in the history of photography and film. From FilmStruck:

Although the medium of film is comprised of moving images, the still image has always been a key to the success of cinema. And when it comes to still images of cinematic subjects, the most impactful shots often originate from the talented people working at Magnum Photos. Founded in 1947, Magnum Photos is an international collective of photographers who cover everything from major news events to film sets. This documentary by Sophie Bassaler, focuses on the latter by highlighting the initial work of Robert Capa on a film like Alfred Hitchock’s Notorious (1946) among many others.

And now we’re lucky enough to share a clip from the film as well. Take a look:

Cinema Through the Eye of Magnum is now available on FilmStruck.