Here’s a New Taylor Swift Video, It’s About Cyborgs or Something


Taylor Swift dropped a new music video last night, for “…Ready For It?”, the second single and clip from her forthcoming reputation; in it, she seems to be asking if we’re ready for one more watch of the Scar-Jo Ghost In The Shell remake before the iTunes rental window expires.

It’s directed by her regular collaborator Joseph Kahan – oh, excuse me, per the on-screen title, it’s “A Joseph Kahn Film” (self-important much?) – so as usual, it’s comically overproduced and borderline nonsensical. But hey, the song is catchy, Tay looks great, and lotsa stuff blows up and goes in slow-motion, so it’s already accumulated 6 million views and will probably rack up that many more by the time you read this.

Anyway. Here you go:

reputation is out November 10.